Who is Otto?

Otto is a friendly carpooling robot from the future. His prime directive is to make his users happy. He comes from a civilization where bad internet and income tax returns are obsolete, shoes have gyroscopic navigation systems to make walking less dangerous, and everybody carpools. Otto appreciates a kind word now and then, but his real satisfaction comes from seeing happy carpoolers.


Let Otto know when and where you're going, and he'll help you find a passenger or a driver for your trip. Negotiate the trip details with your partner, including payment, by text message through the app. He suggests a payment of $2 to start, plus a maximum $0.50 per mile -- less for long distances.

Remember the ground rules: if the driver initiates a conversation it's all good, but otherwise just enjoy a quiet ride. Driver gets to choose the radio station too.


Otto will get you to work or school for half the cost. Think how fast that money can add up. Plus you'll make a new friend. Well done!


Travel for less. Take a passenger along, or ride with one of Otto's drivers. Save on gas, tolls, and parking. Plus you'll have a travel companion, and you can share the driving if you wish.

On Demand

Leaving now? On Demand listings expire after 15 minutes.


All Otto members have verified .edu email addresses, so they're solidly identified. You can also view feedback and optional Facebook profiles. When you check in for a carpool, you'll verify the photo we require on file. You can also match with eRideShare members, but they don't have these verifications, so be extra cautious. Your arrangements are a matter between the parties to the carpool, and by using this service you agree that eRideShare Inc. has no responsibility or liability for your safety, comfort, or successful travel.


Otto says: Tell me your phone number and device type, and my minions will send you a link to the app as soon as it becomes available.

Friendly, Low-cost College Carpooling

About Otto

Otto, the friendly carpooling robot from the future, is brought to you by eRideShare Inc. Since 1999, eRideShare has pioneered ridesharing technology. We are dedicated to using new technologies to make transportation more safe, affordable, and convenient.