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"In order to improve community trust and security, eRideShare requires your phone number and email address, along with a photograph and other information. To place a listing you must provide information about your origin, destination, and dates of travel, which may include information about your current location. In addition, you may optionally provide additional information in your listing. We keep a record of correspondence that passes through the eRideShare service. We do not currently collect credit card data.
- eRideShare information is stored on the server, hosted on a server provided by Bluehost Inc.. We respect your privacy, and will not distribute member information, except in response to verified requests from law enforcement or emergency services, or to the organizer of a password-protected group that you participate in. We do not share data with third parties for marketing purposes. When appropriate, a technical consultant may be given confidential access to the database for system management purposes. IP addresses are collected for most transactions.
- In order to better serve our user community, correspondence through this service may be monitored.
- Commuter listings are subject to renewal or deletion after one year, and other listings expire more quickly. Account and profile information is deleted only by the member using the form provided on For security of the community, account information for app users is held for at least one year.
- This privacy policy was last revised 12/29/2015."